Dancing out in Fort Collins, CO
Photos by Robin Smith   
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Who Are We?

Dancing in The Mile High City, Breathless in Berthoud is the nation's highest and Colorado's own Border Morris side. You may have seen us when we dance out. Just listen for the sounds of accordion, fife, and clashing sticks.

Many of us also dance with the Maroon Bells Morris Dancers.

What Is Border Morris?

Border Morris dancing is a style of Morris dancing originating in the area of the English border with Wales. The dances are boisterous and energetic, primarily stick dances, emphasizing a thrilling performance rather than subtlety or refinement. The dancers often dance in black-face, and the dancers’ “kit” is often decorated with many ribbons or strips of material, known as rags. Besides the traditional dances, collected early in the twentieth century, Border teams dance many new dances, invented in the Border counties and in the U.S.A. what the Bassett Street Hounds have to say about it

One More Thing You Should Know ...

Breathless in Berthoud Border Morris and The Maroon Bell Morris Dancers are the only Morris sides dancing the sun up for the Rocky Mountain Time Zone, south of the US/Canada border, on May Day. You can thank us now!

The Edmonton Magpie Morris Dancers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada keep the sun coming up north of the border.